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I think it's a great idea! Let's try to all start taking Flash-quality photos, !

I'll volunteer one that represents an area I'm struggling with. Just so you know: I'm not defensive or possessive about my photography at all. Please be polite, , but don't hesitate to tear it apart.

So... I think I've got a handle on proportion, where to crop photos, how to compose them, etc. Sometimes, out of necessity (not wanting to include something ugly, wanting to include something attractive), I have to line things up a little strangely... but that's fine. I'd rather the left side of the photo look cut off a little too soon than to have half a building's blank wall in it.

Where I'm struggling most is photographing at distances during the day and, especially, during the fog. I find the photos are often far too grainy.

I've figured out that the main key seems to be leaving the shutter open as long as I possibly can and I have to process lightly, and ensure I reduce noise if I'm adding any HDR effects. Beyond that, I've no ideas what to do.

Also, I often end up with a sky that's far too white. But I just can't figure out what to do short of taking separate photos for the land and sky and blending them as a panorama, such as this one:

Any advice, tips - GREATLY appreciated.
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