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ORD Modernization project complete

O’Hare Airport modernization project complete after 16 years

by: Rob Sneed

Posted: Sep 9, 2021


Leave it to Chicago leaders to not make a big deal out of this... but earlier this month O'Hare became the first (and likely only, for a while) airport in the world to have 6(!) parallel runways and 8 total runways.

We will see regular triple parallel approaches and double parallel takeoffs, with the possibility of quad approaches or even triple takeoffs if needed. I hope the FAA considers arrivals to all happen on one side of the airport (either north or south, or rotate for noise) - those runways are much further apart than San Francisco, for example.

We owe it to Mayor Daley for getting this started and it kept going through Emanuel and has now finished with Lightfoot. This is an amazing piece of infrastructure that just needs good terminals and gate capacity to match.

For every 10 news articles talking about ORD being last in customer satisfaction, there is probably just one talking about the runway project. I for one remember 20 years ago when just a little bit of weather caused massive delays due to the intersecting runways. Now we have a giant 6-lane aircraft highway. Awesome.

Source: FAA
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