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Armory District Begins Construction & Newly Discovered Renderings

There are these beauties I have discovered. Whether or not these are still in the plan or never made it off of the concept board remains a mystery but the taller rectangular building by the Metro Station appears to be a update to the one from the drawings from January 9th (featured in article). I hope that this is for Phase 2 since the buildings look nice but I can't see GreenStreet spending an outrageous amount of money on two new towers here. Maybe it is just a concept, so I'm sharing them anyway. Also, there is new signage declaring that the hotel lobby is in the main Armory building. That is a change from earlier but the design looks the same.

The Armory District lies in Prospect Yards-Midtown in St. Louis and is situated between the Grand viaduct and elevated Highway 64.

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