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Here is an update of lakeport city, the city is located in the North eastern corner of Minnesota and was founded in 1871, it grew faster than any other city in MN, until 1927, when the Great Depression hit, which put the brakes on development until 1939,there was a great population boom which in 1945 to 1989 the population of the city rose from 167,967 to 557,353. An then there was the second boom, launching the population from 601,650 in 1991 to 3.7 million in 2009, the city has a dense skyscraper mass in the core, and will have a mixture of mid and low height buildings going for about a few miles before suburban neighborhoods, and farm land beyond the suburbs, Here are the pictures:

Skyline shot with cable stayed bridge leading into Arlington, which will feature a smaller cluster of buildings

Another skyline shot showing the bridge leading to
the Arlington International Airport

An overhead shot showing the full scale of the project.

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