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Originally Posted by YYCguys View Post
That must have emerged in recent years. When I was going to uni there in the 90s, being gay was still taboo and my friends didn’t even know I was gay. What is the location of the bar: west side?
I mean, the 90s were almost 20 years ago now, so that's not exactly recent, but Club Didi is the main one. It's an entire gay community centre in a way, they do theatre and shows, events, as well as being a club. There's also a few gay restaurants/pubs. All of them are located downtown around Galt Gardens. As far as I have seen, they have a better gay scene than Victoria.

Sorry to hear you went through that though, the 90s and earlier seem like they were like that for pretty much everyone, especially in that age range (college-age). Growing up openly gay in Woodstock Ontario coming out in 2005 (age 14) I was threatened and beaten regularly for it, so I get that fear you must have felt. It was just sorta like that everywhere. Of course things would have changed since then though, we've had nationwide marriage equality for 14 years now, and even with Alberta having the lowest support among provinces, popular support for marriage equality is still around 75%. Lethbridge is really socially liberal by any measure, let alone just the prairies

Lethbridge even does the Rainbow Crosswalk thing every summer now, and their Pride Festival is celebrating its 12th year this year.
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