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Hyderbad Karnataka's smart voters' got opportunity

At last Hyderbad Karnataka's voters have opportunity to act smart!

Congress-JD(S) reach seat-sharing pact in Karnataka
With Jadhav, BJP looks to breach Kharge’s bastion

The political developments in Karnataka are indications of possible regional polarization within Karnataka. The ruling party at the centre is going to lose all seats in Old Mysuru region as the coalition partner of the main opposition party of the country in the state is strong in this subregion of the state. The party currently ruling at the centre is desparate to win more seats from NMCC Karnataka. This should lead to NMCC Karnataka versus Old Mysuru region in line with my hope for polarization. NMCC Karnataka can extract maximum from the union government if acts smartly. (and even from the state if the current state government falls as a result). Acting smart after voting is also neccessary because all politicians of Karnataka irrespective of their party & irrespective of where is their vote base have vested interest in the capital city of Karnataka as they are all part & parcel of land mafia of this city. Anyway this election is providing the greatest opportunity to people of Kalyana Karnataka to take a risk. A risk worth taking!

Regional disparities indicative of larger problem
“For this, you need to set a skill-base and infrastructure to attract private investment. It is a long-term goal, but there has yet to be an earnest start,” says Dr. Annigeri.
Disparities are created artificially by politicians to support their real estate activites in a selected few cities of India.

Not only skill but R&D infrastructure for all 'domains of excellence' of Hyderabad Karnataka has to be shifted from the capital city of Karnataka to Kalaburgi & other district head quarters of Kalyana Karanataka.

I am listing here what has to happen in year 2019-2024 for techological development of North-East Karnataka.

New R&D and training institutes
  • Skill University (to Kalaburgi)
  • Indian Institute of Pulses Research (to Kalaburgi)
  • All India Institute of Medical Science (to Rayachuru)

To be shifted from the capital city of Karnataka to Hyderabad Karnataka
  • Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (to Kalaburgi)
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management (to Koppal)
  • National Institute of Animal Nutrition & Physiology (to Bidar)
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (to Ballari, as Ballari is jeans maufacturing hub and Textile & Apparel Park is planned)
  • National Institute of Design (to Kalaburgi/Yadgiri, in augmentation with NMIZ)
  • Central Power Research Institute (to Vijayapura/Kudgi as it can be considered as a part of Kalyana Karnataka)

Note that we are not touching any of defence (DRDO - ADA, ADE, DARE, CABS, CAIR, CEMILAC, DEBEL, GTRE, LRDE, MTRDC etc), aerospace (ISRO, ISAC, ISTRAC, NAL, LEOS etc) or medical (NIMHANS/NRC, NIUM, NTIB etc) institutes. Other institutes like Central Silk Board which are more relevant to the capital city are untouched. Also though prestigious institutes like IISc, IIM, RRI, JNCASR, IIA, C-MMACS, ICTS, IIIT, ISI, ISEC, NLSIU, CSIR-4PI are untouched one each of them in science domain could be shifted to Kalyana, Kitturu & Central Karnataka. IWST, NCBS is already listed for Shivamogga & Chikkamagaluru by me. Here is the list if you want to choose differently - 1 2 3 4. Other than these institutes there are research wings of many more public sector companies under union government control which can be demanded in 2024 General Election for year 2024-2029.

Fund can be arranged by selling assets of these institutes where they are located currently. To start with the union government can build an institute or two and then sell the land of current location and use that money for building other institutes.

As funding is arranged fully by selling land & other assets no other states expected to object to this idea. And Kannada organizations will not object as shifting happens within the state of Karnataka. The union government at the same time could focus more on developing R&D infrastructure needed in North & North-East. In those regions also funding can be arranged by shifting institutes from the mega metrocities which are facing negative effects of economic agglomeration. This will be a win-win situation for whole India as both, cities facing negative effects of economic agglomeration and regions with nil economic agglomearion, are benefited.

Once the knowledge infrastructure is built through research & training institutes other things like startups & Information Technology follow as these are byproducts of knowledge. Even industrial infrastructure is a byproduct of knowledge infrastructure as you can see clustering of industries in cities having excellent knowledge infrastructure. What we want is knowledge infrastructure and then industrial infrastructure to be built as per available natural resourcse to achieve optimum ecological & economical sustainability - not the current type of economy built through things like freight equalization & not an economy to help real estate mafia.

One month left for voting. Kalyanigas, please act smart!
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