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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
In a discussion about demographics and demographical changes:

I'd like to spell it out for you, but I was under the assumption that most people could do it for themselves?

Feel free to PM me -- I'd be happy to explain.
Is it you think 1950 Japan is so analogous to 2019 California that it can literally predict our future? How magical!

Meanwhile in reality, still-growing California faces the aging of the Baby Boomers like everyone else in the Western world, but there is zero support for the assertion this state must become an outlier like Japan has been for decades.

In fact, this San Jose Mercury News article from earlier this year points out that Californians, in comparison to other parts of the country, are "still are pretty young" and the median age in 2017 of 36 "makes California one of the 10 youngest states in the country. By comparison, Florida’s median age is 42."

If you were sincerely concerned about states aging in coming decades like Japan has been aging in the last few decades, you would focus on 40 other, older states first--but we won't see you posting your deep, principled 'concern' for Florida becoming the next crazy outlier for aging, will we? Nope, because there's no real concern, no principle, and no orchestrated Trumpian campaign to paint Florida in a bad light.
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