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Originally Posted by JWS View Post
An iconic structure for SF will not get built out of fear mongering, class warfare, and a "I have mine, forget yours" mentality.
Wow, I think you're out of touch with a large segment of society here! While what you said could apply to some other projects (notably the Mexican Museum tower fight), I find that it's middle class renters who oppose highrises along the waterfront and often other development in general. I personally couldn't get any of my long time friends to vote against Prop M last fall. More than any place, the waterfront is considered sacred territory and it will never be developed with more highrises any time in the foreseeable future. I could see a successful exception for a new Warriors arena at Mission Rock, but not for the taller buildings the Giants are proposing. You can thank the lingering affects of the Fontana for that, as well as not wanting to look like Miami, Rio, or other cities with waterfront towers.
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