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Originally Posted by biggerhigherfaster View Post
I don't think the polling is indicative of how a ballot measure would turn out. The waterfront project near Embarcadero probably had majority support if you took a poll of SF residents, but lost by a margin when people were asked to affirmatively vote on the issue.

The problem is while most ppl think these projects are generally desirable, only a small % of them actually care enough to come out and vote. The attitude is one of "good if it happens, but doesn't really affect me if it doesn't, so why bother voting." By comparison, a much larger % of those who oppose projects feel strongly enough to go out of their way to vote down the project. The attitude here is "sucks for me if it happens, so it I will vote it down for sure."
I'm still thinking the Warriors arena and it's opposition may be high profile enough to get enough people to actually vote for it though. AT&T park had tons of opposition too, and for all the same reasons, yet it ended up passing.
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