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Originally Posted by easy as pie View Post
it makes a lot of sense to push this site before the north tower on the yards site.
They're not pushing this before the north tower. For one thing, Coach is still in the building, and they won't get out before they can move into their new headquarters. But Related has one other large railyards tower, on the western half of the development that will come in the second phase. It makes sense to get this one moving sooner because of the transit oriented location (although all will be served by the 7 line.)

Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
I find it hard to believe (well this is skyscraperpage so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised) that people here are worried about the loss of a freaking McDonald's drive thru (really?) and not a single mention of the loss of Coach's marvelous building. Incredible.
It's insane, I tell ya.

Not that the Coach building is great either (look at that blank wall below), but it is far more appropriate for Manhattan than a drive through. If I had to choose between the two, it's a no brainer. But just imagine this McDonald's in all it's glory still standing as the north tower opens just behind and above it...Yeah, not pretty at all.

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