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Angry Colmore Row Abomination

As a teenager I watched with horror the building of the Nat West tower on the corner of Newhall Street and Colmore Row, a nasty piece of brutalism which defiled Birmingham’s finest street. Although part of the complex was demolished many years ago and replaced by a rather insipid low rise office building, the tower remains, so I was glad to see there were plans to demolish it and hopefully replace it with an edifice that while modern respected its sensitive environment.

Today, finishing a meeting early, I decided to have a look at the plans for the new building displayed in the old banking hall at the foot of the Tower. I have to congratulate the developer and architects they have managed to produce a design, that does not just defile but desecrates Birmingham’s finest street.

The arrogance the design is frankly stunning, it dominates the street scene overwhelming the Cathedral, the Council House and Town Hall. The absolute philistinism of the design and its perpetrators‘ is aptly illustrated by their computer generated image of this monstrosity when viewed from the Cathedral Church yard.

Surprisingly I actually like tall buildings, in the right context they work, I have no objection to Beetham Tower the new V building on the ATV studio site, but in the Colmore Row context it can only be viewed as the victory of greed over aesthetics.

All those who care our their City and the quality of its environment should take time to go and see the exhibition and make their views known, and if the developers are insensitive enough to submit this for approval object vigorously to this calculated insult to our City and its people,

Letter to Birmingham Post
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