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Yeh its what all these pictures are letting off. Up close and personal as everyones who's been to the exhibit vouches for, its alot more spectacular then these give it justice for. Most are saying its the best tower Brum has ever seen and we've got some real corkers approved and U/C.

Its also in a conservation area and this is the only plot where its not adjoined to a listed building. Normally in other cities, Liverpool, London, Manchester etc, the CS would have limited any tower to about 50-60m so we are indeed very lucky.

A few more changes will be made before submittion in December but it looks as if work is due to commence early 2008 with demo of the current building and work on the new tower in summer/autumn 2008.

It will rise simultaneously with, Snow Hill, V Building, V.T.P and BST. all over 130m.
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