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So if I had to come up with some arguments against freeway deck parks that are not just 'old man yells at cloud', they would be:

1. Parks spending priorities don't align with putting tens or hundreds of millions into a deck park. There may be greater need for funding to go to other parks projects around the city.

2. Unless its an activated space surrounded by buildings and destinations, like the Klyde Warren park in Dallas, or sufficiently interesting in its own right, like the Papago Deck, then nobody will go there. A green space surrounded on both sides by feeder roads does not sound appealing.

I can think of alternatives:

- If the goal is to create continuity between neighborhoods, I think a freeway trench and then a smaller raised plaza on either side of an overpass, a kind of "lite" deck if you will, might work. If you create a space that seems open and safe and communicates that you should walk across to the other area, it would be better than the status quo which is often a scary narrow sidewalk in darkness.

- If the goal is noise abatement, then what else can be done. What about walls around the trench, perhaps nice ones with ivy or crawling plants.

-Perhaps there is a road paving material or technique which cuts down tire sound, but isn't commonly used because of cost or lifespan. If its needed only for a tiny stretch of road, maybe go that route and accept the cost?

- What about acoustic panels to deflect sound? Or what about something soft that absorbs sound, like plants in a wire mesh?
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