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The Sisters' Orphans Home/Los Angeles Orphanage/LA Orphan Asylum got briefly written about a few times near the beginning of this thread (e.g. post #91), and even got a passing mention last week by MichaelRyerson. A small version of this image was posted by rcarlton back in post #6691, but I thought a larger view was justified. This is how it looks at 20% zoom. Go to 100% and you can count the bricks! The source dates the image at circa 1899 (with a question mark).

Denver Public Library

Beaudry provided a great link about the building's history in post #6697. Here's how the area looked in 1921. It was just south of the Hollenbeck Home.

The building was damaged in the 1933 Long Beach earthquake, and later by excavation for the nearby freeways. It was eventually demolished in the late '50s (see for more infomation). Here's an aerial view from 1952, a year before the new facility, Maryvale School, was opened.

Historic Aerials

Finally, even more of those pesky freeways now cut across the site.

Google Maps
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