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Despite our having had a different federal government system in the 19th and early 20th century than the Chinese do today, the US used to get things done in a hurry like in contemporary China.

Now, enormous sums of money payoff bureaurocracies from the city through the federal level.

In addition, in the US, we have lost much of private enterprise complex that was capable of building on a vast scale.

100 years ago, property owners and politicians would get together at a fancy bar and broad brush major construction plans in one evening. Newspapers would carry the story a week or two later with 'do' or 'don't' editorials, voters would gather and talk about it and communicate desires to their precinct chairman, and, in a short time the dirt would be flying.

And the results built often were better designed and engineered than what our processes end up building now.

Oh, well, keeps desk jobs, even if nothing gets done now days.

Besides, a desk jocky with a PC does not have the expenses of steel and concrete...LOL
Good read on relationship between increasing number of freeway lanes and traffic

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