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Originally Posted by Quixote View Post
Fair enough, but I wasn't tapping into the historical or cultural aspects. I think there's a certain "cutesy" quality to both Charleston and Savannah's respective urban cores that make them feel more museum-like and self-contained, whereas New Orleans' core has a much more organic visual language. I can only imagine what it's like in person, and I think the best pedestrian experiences it offers are as unique and charming as any place in NYC, Philly, or Boston (referencing a discussion point in the "Phoenix downtown" thread).
I get what you're saying. Unlike Charleston and Savannah, New Orleans actually reached big city status early in its history and remained one into the 20th century, so in the core you have the CBD, the French Quarter, and the Warehouse District all co-existing side by side, just like in the core of Philly you have the CBD, Old City, and South Street all co-existing together. That said, don't discount the pedestrian experiences to be had in Charleston and Savannah. To bring it back to Savannah, the way Oglethorpe planned that city was a stroke of genius. The thoroughfares lined with mature moss-draped oaks and Palmetto trees with the squares interspersed throughout, framed by beautiful historic homes and's amazing.
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