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Originally Posted by logan5 View Post
I think driverless cars will kill off a lot of shorter train routes in the future, unless you set up bullet trains that give a substantial time savings. Door to door travel times are what really matter.
A proper intercity train transportation strategy in 2020 would actually include driverless trains which would make a driverless cars obsolete. A proper intercity train transportation strategy in Canada would aim to reduce domestic air travel. Personally I think that it is totally on the government as to why the second largest country in the world doesn't have a convenient intercity train network. Perhaps the airlines are in the HOC's coffers?

Driverless cars are just not there yet when it comes to any kind of transportation strategy. Right now, they can only go at lower speeds (like <50km/hr, IIRC). Besides, you would need driverless cars to go 100km+ to attract more ridership for a route like Calgary > Edmonton and I am not confident that driverless vehicles would ever get to that level without being compared to train services.

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The fundamental reason seems to be that Western Canada is not densely populated. If all major Canadian cities were in, for example, a piece of land equivalent to Manitoba in terms of land mass, I’m sure rail transport would be the superior way. Density is the reason why European countries, Morocco, and some Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea have them.

I personally believe that rail transport (electrified) is much cleaner than planes, so it’s good for mitigating climate change. But some challenges need to be addressed first.

Open to criticism.
One of the key reasons to building rail transit in Canada would be to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. One of the top polluters in the world is the shipping industry and the airline industry.

Personally I think that intercity rail (HSR or otherwise) in Western Canada can only be justified for a Calgary > Red Deer > Edmonton route ATM for two reasons:

1. Edmonton and Calgary are both one of Canada's largest cities that actually commute to each other fairly often.
2. Laying down tracks in BC is going to be hella expensive as it would have to cut through the mountains.
3. Laying down tracks in BC will reduce speed because of the topography and may make it better to just fly from BC eastwards.
4. SK and MB would probably not have the ridership to justify the infrastructure.
There is a housing crisis, and we simply need to speak up about it.

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