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Originally Posted by logan5 View Post
I think driverless cars will kill off a lot of shorter train routes in the future, unless you set up bullet trains that give a substantial time savings. Door to door travel times are what really matter.
Since you have obviously not bothered to read the last few posts, where exactly the same point has already been made:

Originally Posted by jawagord View Post
I think it’s a safe bet to say the technology of the last century is not going to be the technology of the next century. These VIA threads should be re-titled, “Beating a Dead Iron Horse”. Western Canadian passenger rail isn’t coming back, it’s been obsolete for decades. Autonomous vehicles will obsolete most public transit systems in the next half century.
Originally Posted by Urban_Sky View Post

As to your prediction, this is exactly what the automobile industry has been promising us for the past 80 years:

In 1939, the concept of autonomous vehicles first gained mainstream exposure at GM’s Futurama exhibit. The exhibit was a vision for 20 years into the future that contained an automated highway system and illustrated how the United States could be connected in a widespread network of highways and freeways.

I’ll gladly admit that making a prediction in the 2020 that this will happen by 2070 is certainly more realistic than making the same prediction in 1939 for 1959, but you are betting on a by then 180 year old transport mode to eclipse a 230 year old mode of transportation - what would this world do without innovators like yourself, which are willing to think outside the box...?
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