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Originally Posted by InlandEmpire View Post
Interesting to see the numbers in Kootenai County jimthemanincda. I posted this article back in 07 - wonder if these past estimates will end up being anywhere close to what they were thinking:

County population could top 300K
I'm skeptical of Kootenai County hitting 300,000 by 2030. The KMPO (Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization) actually put out numbers the same year (2007) as the article you reference. At that time they estimated the county's population was 148,955 (interesting that the US Census Bureau is just about estimating that population number for 2014...7 years later). At 2.1% growth from the base of 148,955, that would only give Kootenai County a population of 241,845 in 2030.

In my humble opinion, given how the last 7 years have turned out, the county is still growing almost 2% year so I'd estimate Kootenai County having between 200,000-250,000 people in the year 2030.
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