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The meeting was well attended. HRM wasn't really prepared for the number of people who came out. They had a stations with questions in a poster type format, but the stations were overwhelmed. Took a fair bit of time to wade through the crowd.

The bad news is that staff are admitting defeat on the Centre Plan and it won't be brought in until, likely, 2017 so this process is completely an interim measure. Interim measures still take time and effort. I wish HRM would just put the resources behind the planning department so that they can get to the main event.

On the good news front, there was wide support for mapping out appropriate heights for every block in Downtown Dartmouth. That kind of exercise provides certainty for everyone and takes height off the table as a subject of debate, allowing other design elements to be more fully discussed. I like it! Given the suport, I'll be surprised if a height model doesn't become part of the eventual staff report.

Staff did have a poster up about design standards, but they did say that they wouldn't be going as far as HRMbyDesign since it's just an interim measure. Again not great, but better than nothing. Given that they won't have a full code, they should probably stick to the development agreement process and not increase as of right height beyond 5 stories.
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