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Development of Berlin's Waterfront Locations
The Diversity of Waterfront Areas - "Blue Assets" for Urban Development

Demarcation of the primary development area

Berlin differs from other cities on the water in the diversity of its waterfront areas. In contrast to simple port cities, for instance, whose task for the future is the conversion of terminal and dock areas, Berlin also has river and canal segments in both urban and natural settings, as well as a superb, unparalleled variety of lakes.

As "blue assets", the rivers, harbours, canals, and lakes of the Berlin-Brandenburg region represent a significant attraction for those seeking the right location.

Although Berlin's prospects for development are fairly good, only a limited amount of land can be absorbed by the market. It is therefore necessary that current development projects be adapted to meet demand and that the choice of new areas for development be done in a transparent manner.

At the beginning the study on the "Development of Berlin's Waterfront Locations" included all of the land along navigable rivers and canals comprising 21 potential restructuring areas.

The next step involved identifying the study's primary focus, which consists of the Spree River with its lateral canals (17 areas). The individual locations were then evaluated with respect to use and significance, and strategies and measures were proposed on the basis of this evaluation.

The evaluation resulted in identifying four priority restructuring areas

1.Berlin-Spandauer Schiffahrtskanal (Shipping Canal) / Nordhafen Harbour:

2.The Banks of the Spree in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

View of the multifunctional hall (Berlin-Arena)


4.The Mouth of the Spree with the Sophienwerder Peninsula

more information about this project contact this adress:
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