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The keyhole shaped gap on the Pariser Platz side looks very special.
On the Behrenstra├če-side there is the round shape that attracks alot of attention, looks like a window to the city or is it an observation deck?
On the roof what is that with those green layers?

About the re-building of the BLN schloss , I have mixed feelings.
Its like bringing something back from the past which is in my opinion kind of not-from-this-age.
I agree with "Jai-C" about his statement of the Palast-der-Republik but what is the general opinion about a building like the Fernsehturm who is a very communist landmark aswell...why not tare it down aswell and rebuilt a more modern copy on a far better location ?

Where is the rubbish of the demolition going to go on those boats (cause I cannot read the text on the picture , not clear enough to see)?
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