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As is so often the case, this is not a new concept. In fact, Halifax had some electrically-heated sidewalks in the 1960s. One stretch of heated sidewalk was in front of the Capitol Theatre building, on Barrington at the foot of Spring Garden, where Maritime Centre now stands. Not coincidentally, the building also housed the head office of Nova Scotia Light and Power. NSLP's 1964 annual report says, "A number of these installations are doing an excellent job of keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice. They go to work at the flick of a switch and their operating cost is moderate."

Unfortunately, the report does not identify other locations. Perhaps older readers will recall more examples. The report does not specify the technology used but I expect it was embedded electric cable.

I'm not sure how long the Barrington Street sidewalk was in service. It certainly did not survive the demolition of the Capitol Theatre in 1974, but may have ended with the departure of NSLP for Duke Tower in 1969.

Source: Nova Scotia Light and Power Company Limited 1964 Annual Report
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