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Hi Van. Nice to hear from you! I've tried e-mailing James (Gothicform) as I wanted to post something a week or so back as it was said if I wanted to rejoin I could its just my e-mail address is still on the system which means I havent technically been deleted and therefore cant re-register. Its more difficult then I thought to stay away, there's so many things that you want to answer then realise you cant lol.

Anywho. On Orion - Im pretty sure (not 100%) that Orion 2 as we know it has been bumped up by 4 storeys on its tallest end as it was originally 15 storeys and the new application clearly states it is to be 19 from now, which would take it well over the 60m mark, which is a good height.

And on the smilies. I havent noticed them till now.

You looking forward to the Cumberland house redevlopment?
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