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Underfunded Terminal 3 at Taoyuan Intl. Airport at risk of design revision

Price tag for complex design warding off potential investors

By Duncan DeAeth, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2019/07/22 16:40

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Construction on Taoyuan International Airport’s third terminal began in 2017, with an expected completion date of 2023. However, reports indicate that the complexity of the design is proving to be an obstacle to completing the project on schedule.

The visually stunning design was originally selected as part of an international architecture competition with the aim of creating a top of the line international airport terminal. However, contractors are now running into problems and delays as the project has failed to secure an adequate amount of investment.

According to Wang Ming-de (王明德), the CEO of the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, the project is still moving forward. However, without adequate investment, it will be necessary to either adapt the design or delay the project until investment is secured.

The terminal was designed by the Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners firm, and selected as the winning design in the 2016 competition. However, the streamlined façade, skylight ceiling, and noise reducing building materials required for the design put the total price tag in the area of NT$78.9 billion (US$2.5 billion), reports CTS News.

However, a budget of only half that amount has been secured (NT$34 billion). Unless investors and contractors are willing to come on board and take up the challenge soon, the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation will begin considering how to simplify the design to meet current budget restrictions.
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