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"Eat in the Set"

Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post

That's gorgeous. Thx CBD!

At the original Derby, shown here, there were a pair of double doors on either side of the cigar counter/cashier, unlike the rebuilt version across the street, which had a centrally-sited, single pair of doors.


My question is finally answered re if the Brown Derby interior in "What Price Hollywood?" (1932) is a set or not. The exteriors are real, but, alas, the interior is not. The door and booth end do not match your photo and, even more tellingly, I at last noticed the change in the door as Lowell Sherman ("Maximilian Carey") enters. It goes from multi-paned to single pane (something I should have noticed long ago).


youtube clip/an RKO Pathé Picture


youtube clip/an RKO Pathé Picture

...and are there undercurrents in this film or what? "I'll take vanilla", "Who's your tailor?" LOL, when subtext becomes text.

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