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Thanks for the great follow-up about Chutes Park/Washington Park, Flyingwedge.

Before we leave St. Vincent's College too far behind, here are three views presumably taken from its tower. They show how downtown Los Angeles looked from just north of Washington Boulevard in 1905. The captions are taken directly from the USC site.

"Panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles from St. Vincent's College, looking northwest showing Washington Street and Grand Avenue, ca.1905"

USC Digital Library

"Panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles from St. Vincent's College at Washington Street and Grand Street, ca.1905"

USC Digital Library

"Panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles including St. Vincent's College, ca.1905"

USC Digital Library

I was trying to work out the identity of the larger building in the center of the last picture. Here's an enlargement:

Detail of picture above.

Looking at the 1910 Baist map, I think it's the 16th Street Public School. Does anyone have better pictures of the school or the neighboring Engine House No. 10 on Hill (I thought it said No. 11 until I zoomed in)?

The school is named in the caption of this picture. The full caption says "Chutes Park (later Horsley Park) looking north, showing the Sixteenth Street School, ca.1905". The school can be seen in the background, just to the left of the flag. NB. I've lightened USC's picture a fair bit.

USC Digital Library

Looking at the ball park side, it looks like there might have been a game on. As well as the "Shooting Gallery" and "Hall of Illusions" visible below, other attractions/facilities in the picture above include a "Bowling Alley", "Cigars & Tobaccos" and a "Restaurant".

Detail of picture above.
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