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Tryon Ridge and Environs

Tryon Ridge is just west of the Fern Dell Dr. entrance to Griffith Park and where N. Western Ave. turns into Los Feliz Blvd.

1924; it looks like there's a pool on the side of the hill behind the rectangular house at the bottom:


Roughly the same view in March 2011 from GoogleEarth; the boomerang-shaped Western/Los Feliz intersection is at the right side of the photo, just east of the large T-shaped Immaculate Heart/AFI building. Fern Dell Dr. ends at Los Feliz just east of Western:

The three houses with arrows pointing to them can also be seen in the b/w photo at top. The rectangular house at the bottom is 1951 N. St. Andrews Place (1921/1929); in the middle on the left is 2000 N. Gramercy Place (1900/1924); at the top is 2166 W. Live Oak Drive (1924/1930; dates per LA County Assessor).

Here's 1951 N. St. Andrews; the roof of the house to its left can also be seen in the 1924 photo. Lots of interesting stairways and retaining walls on the hillside; perhaps even an incinerator below the lower left corner of the pool, if that's what it is/was:

Bing Maps 2012

This is 2000 N. Gramercy; if it really was first constructed in 1900, perhaps we've seen it in a photo earlier than 1924?:

Bing Maps 2012

2166 W. Live Oak, March 2011:


2166 W. Live Oak, c. 1935:


The LAPL caption for this photo reads: "View of a large Spanish style home, located at 2166 E. [sic] Live Oak Drive, belonging to one of the Twentieth Century-Fox film players. In the background the Griffith Observatory is clearly visible."

Who could that have been? Don Ameche? Tyrone Power? Sidney Toler? Maybe that's Sonja Henie on the balcony?

# # #

Also in the neighborhood is 5432 Red Oak Drive. Here it is in 1931:

USC Digital Library --

July 2012; except for the removal of the stairway next to the garage, it appears about the same. The front wall of the house looks pretty thick:


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