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I've got your watercress right here . . . .

It's 1888 and we've got an errand to run. Let's head east on Aliso Street toward the LA River. After crossing Alameda, on our left there's Old Aliso, and then just before the river we'll come to Keller. Sainsevain runs parallel to Aliso one block to the south:

1888 Sanborn at LAPL

At the corner of Aliso and Old Aliso, we pass the Los Angeles Cracker Co:

CA State Library --

1888 Sanborn @ LAPL (I guess they needed an eight-foot-high adobe wall on the north side of Old Aliso to keep people out of the vineyard):

1887 LA City Directory @

We'll stay on Aliso until we get to Keller, then we'll turn left:

1894 Sanborn @ LAPL

We're looking for Joe the watercress vendor. I ain't making this up:

1886 LA City Directory @

Joe gets his ass in gear pretty early, so we've got to hurry to catch him. Look, there he is on Keller Street -- Hey Joe, wait up!

CA State Library --

Maybe the donkey's best side is its right?

CA State Library --

Joe has his boots and empty basket and so appears to be on his way to harvest some watercress. I wonder where he gets it? Perhaps he tends a watercress bed by a zanja or the LA River?

# # #

August 2012 view north at Keller Street from the El Monte Busway -- approximately above where Aliso St. used to be -- with the Cesar Chavez Ave. (ex-Macy St.) Bridge in the background:

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