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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
If the thread is going to survive, forumers need to limit throwing hundreds of photos/maps at us nonstop.
The discussions that made this thread so special over the years have all but disappeared because of this onslaught of images.

I write this because numerous members have contacted me about this matter. Several have even said they're taking a break from 'noirish Los Angeles'.

This saddens me immensely.

This is disturbing...but I sort of understand why some people are getting overwhelmed. It takes a while for a page to load for all of the images.

Part of the problem might be quoting posts including all of the images becoming a bit redundant. Like I just did with the Bimini Slough post.
Posting images for it's own sake with no connection to anything, little or no information or insight attached, is a bit of a drag sometimes.

For what it's worth, this is still my favorite place to visit on the web. I love looking at these photos and I particularly appreciate your particular brand of passion and interest, ethereal. You find the coolest stuff. Always interesting.
Great insight.
I also appreciate the amount of time and effort people put into solving puzzles and historical mysteries like Monkey Island and creating well researched themes. I love the "then and now" stuff particularly.
Thank you everybody and especially you ethereal for making this happen.
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