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jerical cat/LAPL

Western Auto and Pay'n Takit on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Hauser... and an oil derrick on the site of Park La Brea, also seen at right in a shot of Ralphs the northeast corner.


Today and circa 1979: The cornice detail has been stripped off and the green-and-black terra cotta (?) has been painted over. Why, people? Could the (presumed) original brilliance of the building be brought back with some Strip-ease?



The classic Churrigueresque Ralphs has been replaced by a new and completely undistinguished Ralphs. The old one still stood in 1979--I was amused to find this included in the LAPL caption to the picture above from that year: "...on the left are two clearly visible businesses, a See's Candy store and Ferbroads Women's Apparel." I see See's, but I don't see Ferbroads... yet the store actually was called that--it's in L.A. city directories of the era.
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