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Originally Posted by Fab Fifties Fan View Post
Great posts fhammon!!! I have read and enjoyed Brent Dickerson's wonderful story many times. I remember hoping when he first mentioned The EMS that he might solve the mystery of the name....but no such luck.

My thought is that maybe it was built/owned by two investors with last names that started with the letter M, which in the dictionary is spelled em.

Who really knows? But it makes me feel all investigative and stuff to come up with a theory

~Jon Paul
Oh -- I figured that out some time ago but never updated the post I did about her years ago...the Ems was built by C. C. Emswiler in the second half of 1905. The architect was none other than Joseph Cather Newsom.

Charles Clayton Emswiler came to LA in the boom eighties and went into the apartment-house building game. He died in 1922, age 69, in the apartment house at 321 that bore his name!
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