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Beaudry, I noticed in this screen shot from 'Criss Cross' you caught a glimpse of the Dragon's Den.

Beaudry/Criss Cross

The Dragon's Den was a very interesting place.
The restaurant was located in the basement of the F. Suie One Company.
It was a favorite haunt of Walt Disney and the Marx Bros.
And it's brick walls were festooned with exotic murals. (I wish I had a good photo of the interior).

Below: This photo is dated 1949. The Dragon's Den was established in 1935.


Below: Here's a good view of the rest of the street. Notice Jerry's Joynt (see my post# 1350) towards the end of the block.


...and one more.

I love the white building that is built out over the sidewalk.
If I remember correctly, underneath all the add-ons was one of the original adobes of 'Sonora Town'.


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