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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
You seem confused.

First, ARC was put to a 30-day cost review. It is not on hold. Work is going on right now. Only new contracts cannot be signed for 30 days.

Second, and more important, ARC has NOTHING to do with this thread. Moynihan Station is a completely different project. ARC will not even serve Moynihan, and even if it did, it's development is totally separate.
There's a whole lotta confusion going around this thread! You probably can't glean this from reading through the posts, but the original post of this thread originally had a long article about ARC mixed with renderings of ARC and renderings of Moynihan Station. The starter of this thread edited his first post to get rid of the references to ARC after I pointed out exactly what you just pointed out to me, which is that ARC and Moynihan have nothing to do with each other.
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