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Originally Posted by KVNBKLYN View Post
Um, it's strange that you're starting this post a day after this project was put on hold.

Also, the story you posted (without a link) is about the new NJ Transit expansion of Penn Station under 34th Street, not Moynihan Station as stated in the title, which is the redevelopment of the Farley Post Office into a new entrance to the existing platforms at Penn Station. And the renderings you posted are old renderings of the Moynihan project and of an idea for the redevelopment of the main part of Penn Station if Madison Square Garden had been moved to 9th Avenue (and which is not happening now in light of MSG's refusal to move and currently under-construction renovations of the existing MSG).
You seem confused.

First, ARC was put to a 30-day cost review. It is not on hold. Work is going on right now. Only new contracts cannot be signed for 30 days.

Second, and more important, ARC has NOTHING to do with this thread. Moynihan Station is a completely different project. ARC will not even serve Moynihan, and even if it did, it's development is totally separate.
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