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I just had a look at the building footprint vs. property size - the building footprint is about 35-37% of the property. It has a few jogs & offsets that make it appear bigger than that as well. An other interesting thing about this building is that being a nursing home/old folks home, there is a ridiculous standard for ventilation which requires huge mechanical equipment. To conceal this, the architect has shown a huge vaulted attic (think it is also intended to mimick the church). This will add about 20-25 feet of height to the building, essentially turning this into a 10-11 storey building.

I have also heard that the builder (Shannex) is touting this building as their crown jewel, so they are saying they will be sparing no expense. From what I have seen, the exterior is to be mostly masonry & stone. We will see if their resolve to spend on this one is true...
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