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Looking west from the Engstrum, you'd peer into the Touraine. You would have looked at the Zahn Mansion until 1912...before they built the Rubaiyat (south of the Briggs) -- The Briggs has been renamed the Barbara Worth. (I like this shot because it's a "back view" of BH -- you can see how the Rose Mansion was hemmed in by the Fremont in front of it, and the 1923 Mutual Garage kitty-corner at 4th & Grand) This is 1933 so a couple years before the Sunkist and so the Mount View apts still run along 5th. Then:

The Sunkist, the retaining wall...check out the pictures of the model at the end of this.

These pictures came from this page of this guy's cool Chandler page!
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