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I think it is an awesome design from top down to bottom up. It's bold, thoughtful, playful and fits in with the nearby bldgs, like Cira, Evo, and FMC. Take a look at the shapes and angles. Angles are on Cira, Evo, and FMC but of course in different axis or slants, but that appears to be a common theme when you look at all the buildings from ground up. We have nothing like it in terms of the totality of architectural details of this building when compared to the recent builds or even past builds in the 80s or 90s. I think a lot of thinking and hours went into the design of this bldg. Hope the execution and materials will live up to the design.

I urge those to look at the CDR submission again in detail and study it to appreciate it. It's pretty amazing, IMO. It will be a superb addition to our skyline once it is built.
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