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Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post
It looks like the nearest connection to the North American rail network would be in Hay River... which is about as far away from the Bering Straight as Yakutsk (the nearest connection to the Russian rail network).
Yakutsk is not connected to mainland Russia until the bridge over the Lena river is built. Since the completion of the Crimean bridge, the Russians are planning to build this bridge (this is going to be a challenge since they will be building a big bridge in permafrost with very short building season, since you cannot build there in the winter). After Lena bridge is completed, they will probably start on the Sakhalin bridge construction, which would be another megaproject, as it will connect Sakhalin island to mainland Asia (Russian Far East).
On the Russian side, there are long term plans to build a link all the way to Chukotka (the Russian side of the Bering straight crossing) regardless what happens on the US side, and independent of any Bering straight bridge/tunnel crossing.
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