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Originally Posted by MolteN View Post
these can be built quickly and affordably in existing suburbs to help with demand, much like the secondary and backyard suite zoning bylaw the city is about to pass for inner city neighborhoods.
That is a very dangerous thing HRM Planning is trying to impose upon us and I fervently hope it does not pass without some very stringent restrictions. I can only imagine the number of cheap jerry-built structures c/w vinyl siding and bottom-end finishes going into backyards and being rented out. It could really change the character of neighborhoods for the worse.

A big part of the problem with what you mention regarding manufactured homes is that in more rural areas planning regulations often prohibit anything under a 2-acre lot for residential housing, and then you get a double whammy regarding building codes requiring foundations, energy efficiency levels, etc.. Unless you are developing a large subdivision and get approval for a number of units on smaller lots, the average person looking to do what you are talking about is often out of luck thanks to those rules.
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