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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
One open question is how much cheap suburban land will continue to be quickly developed into housing along the lines of what you find in Sackville or Cole Harbour. That will have an impact on affordability for a lot of people. My impression is that it hasn't kept up with population growth, and that the share of construction has gradually shifted upmarket over time. We saw this years ago with regional council trying to ban trailer parks and cut down on unserviced rural subdivisions. People like to make fun of trailer parks but they were a way for people even on minimum wage to own property.
I feel like mobile and mini homes can play a key role in affordable housing in Canada as a whole. If a model was setup to where people could buy parcels of land to put their home on, as in they actually own it, and are not just paying for the right of their home to occupy that spot, it can act as an incentive for first time home buyers to take pride in their property and take care of it, simple rules like concrete foundations and paved driveways with open decks can really add character to a 'trailer park'. these can be built quickly and affordably in existing suburbs to help with demand, much like the secondary and backyard suite zoning bylaw the city is about to pass for inner city neighborhoods.
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