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Originally Posted by myshtern View Post
America is above 2.0 for birthrate, right?
In 2006, the last year available, the total fertility rate (TFR) in the US was exactly 2.10, but the TFR of non-Hispanic White women was only 1.86.

This is the TFR for various races in the US, in 2006:
Non-Hispanic White women: 1.86
Asian women: 1.92
Non-Hispanic Black women: 2.12
Hispanic women: 2.96 (among them: Mexican women 3.11; Puerto Rican women: 2.17; Cuban women: 1.60)
Women of all races in the US: 2.10

In France the TFR in 2008 was like this:
French-born women: 1.90
Immigrant women: 2.60
All women living in France: 2.02

As you can see, the TFR of the non-immigrant French women is slightly higher than the TFR of non-Hispanic White women in the US. The reason why the US have a higher TFR than France overall is because they have much more immigrants, Hispanic immigrants in particular.

Here is the TFR in Switzerland for comparison (Switerland is a typical example of the fertility situation in Central Europe), for the year 2007:
Swiss women (with Swiss citizenship): 1.33
Foreign women living in Switzerland: 1.86
All women living in Switzerland: 1.46
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