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miscellaneous from this weekend...

the One that needs no introduction

still Showplace Square, CCA housing down the street

apparently 'Mason on Mariposa' (at Carolina, north slope Potrero Hill, or Potrero Flats), losing its shroud

looking back north up Carolina, towards CCA housing

the passageway through 'Mason'

Muni tracks on Fourth (north from King) for Central Subway

at Brannan

looking south from the same spot

looking back at the future Muni stop at Brannan

old and new curb for widened sidewalk on south side of Folsom

and a bus island(?) also on Folsom just west of 2nd (which I thought was outside the scope of the Folsom Streetscape project)

sometimes SF just looks like a pile of stuff (which I suppose in some senses, it is). this is the work on the Embarcadero Ferry terminal

I really like the way the little alley leading to/from 2nd and the Transit Center is shaping up. looking west with SFMOMA in the distance

looking back the other way. this approach to the terminal really needs a good mural like the one in the shot. I suppose this particular one will be covered or blocked by Parcel F or other buildings, but as this space evolves, I hope we get some spectacular art

still can't see much at the one on Market at Mason

the GG and Jones corner of 1066 Market

the Market side

the one where Fast Frame used to be, across from Flax

speaking of Flax site...

Market and Church again

the new sidewalk on the Market side recently mentioned

I'd forgotten about this one, but at least the demo has happened for it

the one on Sixth and Shipley

just to the south of that one, the former gas station hopefully is not long for this world

at the other end of Shipley, at 5th, the lot has been cleared, for ... this?

the little one on 7th near Mission

part of the Hastings School expansion I think

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