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Originally Posted by bossabreezes View Post
I know this isn't the best place for this, but we're thinking either Nob Hill or Duboce Triangle/Lower Haight....which one is better? Thanks!
Pros and cons...

Nob Hill will feel more like Manhattan style living and density, but IMO it's a bit isolated. If you are at the top, there is a (very small) smattering of upscale places to eat and shop, but not much "life". As you descend to the south, it can get very gritty very quickly, and as you descend to the east, it's Chinatown which is fun for tourists and does have some cool dive bars and cheap food, but is primarily geared in terms of the day-to-day to working class immigrants (think small markets and such) so you might not find a lot to do constantly there. The portion of Polk to the west has a lot of cool little spots and wine bars, and you're also close to North Beach which has an immense selection of bars (think more bro-y sports bars/Irish pubs, which may or may not be your thing). And at the end of the day, it's hard to get more classic than that section of the city (cable cars, views, etc).

Duboce Triangle/Lower Haight is much better situated to the buzzier parts of the city with much more navigable topography and more walking access to a lot of trendier areas (Hayes Valley, NOPA, Mission) with a ton of boutique restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, and shopping. Duboce has been getting seedier recently with re: homelessness and drugs pushing SW from the Civic Center area, so I'd avoid anything directly on Market. I would also stay east of Divisadero personally unless you are north of the Panhandle, as Upper Haight is one of the seediest stretches of retail in the NE quadrant (outside of the TL) and attracts a bunch of anarchist punk type homeless with off leash pitbulls galore. While this is more Hayes Valley, keep in mind north of Grove are public housing projects which can attract crime. But if you are looking for innovative dining, craft cocktails, boutique shopping etc (vs the classic dive bars and Italian joints in North Beach), it is hard to get better than HV, NOPA, Mission, and DT/LH is within easy striking distance of all three by foot.

So I think it comes down to which SF you'd rather experience...the classic/iconic or the innovative/new?
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