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Originally Posted by DigitalNinja View Post
Wouldn't surprise me, I'd wager that many of the people (not all of course) have not lived in a city for a while and are coming from the suburbs to their downsized retirement condo. I'm sure many people expect their condo to be just as quiet as their home.

Also from what I've read it seems like it will take a few years to even break even when buying a new home/condo after all the costs associated with it and people don't want to pay the "new" price right away if someone has previously lived in it. I think that many of the complaints are entitled people with un-realistic expectations of what living in a condo is like.
The first sentence is nonsense.
The owners at the Trillium are well heeled, well known, and have downsized from large homes on the peninsula. - I have a list of the owners. If purchasers were foolish enough to believe the sales pitch that a smaller building would be their neighbour then they must have forgotten the golden rule - "Never believe the sales agent". You don't need a high IQ to realise that the adjacent 2 storey properties would eventually be razed to build another high rise condo/apartment building.
As for units being rental, it is obvious that some buyers never asked enough questions.
Buy in haste, repent at leisure.
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