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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
If that's true, I have a very hard time feeling empathy for anyone complaining that their downtown multi-unit building has (gasp!) some renters in it.
My impression is that basically every condo everywhere has some number of people complaining about renters and noise. This includes people who move to big condo developments in busy parts of large cities. In this development there are constant complaints from people who basically seem to want to live in a multi-unit building in the city but never actually experience any impact from their neighbours whatsoever. It's completely unrealistic.

On top of this you have the people who are, say, schizophrenic and hear noises that don't exist, the paranoid people (we had a guy who literally keeps bizarre logs of his daily spying activities, types them up, and regularly emails them to the strata council), and people who are really complaining because they are prejudiced against their neighbours in some way.

My condo's annual meeting is coming up and, as they do every year, they are trying to ban rentals (which would be grandfathered for the existing property owners so would take a long time to have any impact) and ban smoking *inside* the units, which may not even be legal or enforceable. Most people who suggest these things have no idea that condos can't pass whatever bylaws they feel like.

For neighbouring development what I've mostly seen is that people get information from sellers or hear rumours from neighbours. Sellers are obviously a bad source for this type of information. I guess cities could be better about publishing and following plans so buyer can make informed decisions, but plans can change. People should understand that, unless they own all the land they can see out their window, they are not entitled to any views.
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