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He's Got Great Ideas

It's really simple guys. Kanto is a visionary. Respect it.

1.) There is open space, so obviously a tower can be built there.
2.) 65 feet?! That's crazy! Clearly terrorists have learned their lesson and wont try anything again.
3.) Move the road! I don't know what a construction delay is and I don't care.
4.) Who will be in the new tower? Read a book you haters, if you build it they will come.
5.) How will we finance the new tower? Bake sale? Skip that one for now...
6.) When we do figure out that financing problem we will pay the people in the building across the street because as long as they are getting paid they wont mind. Again, the 65 foot rule is not needed.

To all those that fight illogical people with logic you will always lose. Also, I think a statue should be put at the top of the new twin tower of Kanto.