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How about you pick a brand new site for your super tall twin towers, and they can be even taller than this tower...heck, they could even be taller than the 2000ft FAA limit if you want.

Did you know the original plan for the WTC was meant to be along the east side of Lower Manhattan, not the west side. The west side was selected because those blocks were still home to a number of old world businesses when Lower Manhattan was more of a shipping port. The original WTC removed all of that and turned the area into a large office district.

Why does your idea have to have a twin tower here? Especially since you keep stretching your idea so that it wouldn't look like a twin tower anyway. That would be like trying to make a twin tower for the Time Warner center with a couple blocks of buildings in between the two towers, it wouldn't read the same.

Pick a completely different site in NYC, sure it might tear down some blocks of the city, but you might be able to explain your ideas better that way. Seriously, start thinking outside of this box cause this desperate need to have the twin towers be at this one location is just kind of lame.