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^Except that it isn't up to Brookfield. Building setbacks are given by the Planning Department for various reasons, but in many cases they also are required by the building code for a large variety of reasons.

In either case, if a building has a certain setback from the public way (i.e. streets), you typically can't build anything in that setback EVER.

I can't comment specifically on the WFC with regard to its type of construction (most likely a Type I, unlimited area building as most skyscrapers are), but I assure you that the setbacks have to be maintained, otherwise it can make their existing fire separations non-compliant.

So reducing the WFC street setback wouldn't be allowed by the building department or fire department.

375ft does not = 343ft. It doesn't fit. Find another site.

Again, I still have two other project killing reasons why this doesn't work, but I won't share them until you get your response back from DOT.
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