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Originally Posted by BoiseAirport View Post
I'm normally not a fan of twisty funky towers, but this is actually really cool. Seriously, if that were proposed I'd totally dig it. Well done!!

Thanks. I'm more of a contemporary architecture person myself but this thing was screaming for a "look at me" design.

Originally Posted by Austin55 View Post
actually, that looks exactly like the south galleria or whatever proposal, shape wise. Yea, they( the desighners) coulda done better.

Side not, is that my belo tower?! How'd it get primary?? Hahaha.
Your thinking of ICON Partner's "Icon Midtown" across from Galleria Dallas. That was my original inspiration fused with Lake Point Tower. All of the buildings except for the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower were already loaded. Congrats on the Belo Building being included.
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